More firms in the Philippines are starting to prefer geothermal and other renewable energy sources

BacMan geothermal field, Batangas, Philippines (source: Julius Balbin)
Carlo Cariaga 13 Jun 2019

A hospital in Lipa City, Batangas is just the latest addition to a growing list of firms in the Philippines which have started to make the shift towards geothermal and other renewable energy sources

An increasing number of firms in the Philippines are shifting towards renewable energy source in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint. The latest addition to the list is the Mary Mediatrix Medical Center (MMMC) in Lipa City, Batangas, which has just signed a two-year contract for 1 MW of geothermal power from BacMan Geothermal Inc. This geothermal facility is operated by Energy Development Corporation (EDC).

The sustainability and reliability of geothermal power spurred the decision made by hospital management. “Not only will we be able to generate substantial savings through this initiative, but we will still be able to deliver high quality healthcare services to our patients without compromise,” said Robert Magsino, chief executive and president of MMMC.

Earlier this year, EDC had already entered into retail supply contracts with Hamlin Industrial Corp., Neltex Development Co. Inc., and Mondelez Philippines Inc. With a total installed capacity of 1471.8 MW, EDC is currently the Philippines’ leading geothermal energy company.

Source: Inquirer