Nevis project proceeding with planned 9 MW to be online late 2017

Nevis project proceeding with planned 9 MW to be online late 2017 Montpellier plantation, Nevis (source: flickr/ tiarescott, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 25 Nov 2015

The Nevis geothermal project is proceeding with a first stage 9 MW to be online by late 2017, announced today after the signing of a long-term PPA with the power utility of Nevis.

In a release today, the Nevis Island Administration (“NIA”), the Nevis Electric Company Limited (“NEVLEC”) and Nevis Renewable Energy International Inc. (“NREI”) announced the signing of a long-term power purchase agreement.

This agreement provides for 25 years of a domestic base load renewable energy supply from geothermal resources located on the island of Nevis. This first phase will supply 9MW of power that is immediately expandable to meet the ongoing power needs of Nevis and capable of exporting 40MW. – 50MW of additional power to neighbouring islands.

The Nevis Island Administration has, through its Cabinet, welcomed this significant step towards making Nevis a global model for sustainable green energy development. The delivery of less costly, cleaner energy has been a long held ambition of the island of Nevis. Deputy Premier Mark Brantley stated, “This is an important step to enhancing the leadership of Nevis in the transformational impacts of the new, post-fossil fuel world economy. The Nevis Geothermal Project will create increased economic growth, reduced power costs, increase employment and create new economic opportunities for local businesses.”

The first phase of the plant is expected to be in operation as early as late 2017 and will provide both base load and peak power supply to the island. The cost will be significantly less than the existing diesel generators used to supply power to the island and transition the Island to one hundred percent power generation from renewable energy sources. In addition, this will enable the Nevis tourism industry to promote Nevis as a 100 percent green energy vacation destination.

Throughout this process, which began with the release of the Request for Proposals in September 2013, the Nevis Island Administration, assisted by Deloitte Consulting LLP, funded through the U.S. Department of State’s Power Sector Program, NEVLEC and NREI have all consistently placed a strong emphasis on transparency of an open international tendering and procurement selection process.

NREI, a subsidiary of Texas based Thermal Energy Partners, LLC is committed to hire, train and employ, to the maximum extent possible,Nevisians in the site development, planning, construction and operations phases of the project. Thermal Energy Partners, LLC is a Geothermal Energy company that provides resilient, renewable and base-load power to utilities, industrial and critical infrastructure clients worldwide.

“The Island of Nevis is taking a bold-step in moving away from its dependency on more expensive imported fossil fuels and transitioning to a cleaner renewable, resilient and base-load power source.”, said Tom Drolet, President of NREI. Bruce Cutright, Chief Executive Officer of Thermal Energy Partners, stated, “This is the gateway project for geothermal energy in the Caribbean.”

Thermal Energy Partners, LLC is a Texas-based geothermal energy company. Founded in 2010 TEP’s primary focus is on development of deep sedimentary basins for geothermal project design, finance, construction, development, production, and managed operational services.

The Power Purchase Agreement with NEVLEC is the first of the company’s four Caribbean-based projects. TEP is currently developing a portfolio of plants that will have a combined capacity of approximately 500MW. TEP is also combining desalination, intermittent solar and base-load geothermal technologies to leverage each of the resources’ strengths and synergies.

Source: Press release via Thermal Partners