New 4 MW geothermal project in Taiwan to be kicked off 2023

New 4 MW geothermal project in Taiwan to be kicked off 2023 Mountain view over Taipei, Taiwan (source: flickr/ Connie Ma, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 8 Jul 2022

A new project is to kick off in 2023 on the development of a 4 MW geothermal power plant near the Tatun Volcanoes in proximity to New Taipei, Taiwan.

Reported locally, the development of a new geothermal power plant in New Taipei, Taiwan is earmarked to start next year. With its ambitious 2050 carbon-neutral goal, Taiwan also has been pushing the development of its geothermal resources.

With a planned 4 MW and an annual production of 27 GWh, it will be the largest geothermal power project. The project is located in Lihuhangziping in Jinshan District and spans an area of 20,000 square meters, so Taiwan News. According to the Economic Development Department of New Taipei it will be able to power 6,392 households.

Development of a geothermal plant in New Taipei is set to start in 2023 as Taiwan strives to turn to renewables for its 2050 carbon-neutral ambitions.

The Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the State-owned Assets Administration of the Ministry of Finance and the New Taipei City Government jointly established the “Jinshan Sulphur Ziping Geothermal Demonstration Zone”. Through investment promotion, Jieyuan Energy Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the “Jiangjie Group”, was introduced to actually verify the Datun Mountains. The thermal reserves, with the concerted efforts of all parties, eliminated numerous obstacles such as exploration and administrative regulations and procedures, and smoothly entered the development application stage, injecting a boost for geothermal development.

With its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Taiwan is well-positioned to take advantage of geothermal resources and several parties have been working on active project development. In January 2022, we reported on the start of operation of the 4.2 MW Quingshi geothermal power plant in Taiwan.

The site of the Liuhuangziping project is located in the region of the Tatun Volcanoes. Within Taiwan a total of 24 geothermal projects are currently being worked on on 9 sites, including in the Tatun region, Yilan, Hualien, and Taitung.  The Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs last month put in place a one-stop service and is offering incentives to attract private investment for the development of the resource, according to the Taiwan Geothermal Energy website. We reported on the plans for making development easier by the government in May 2022.

Source: Taiwan News, Economic Development Dept/ New Taipei