New 4 MW ORC plant online in Oberhaching, Germany

New 4 MW ORC plant online in Oberhaching, Germany Town of Oberhaching, Germany (Source: Flickr, CC, By: Allie_Caulfield)
Francisco Rojas 14 Jan 2015

The new plant, which has been online since last December now produces electricity with a capacity of 4.3 MW and provides heat to the nearby town of Unterhaching in Germany.

Local news source from Germany states that a new geothermal power plant has gone online this past Christmas in Grünwald. The plant produces electricity with a capacity of 4.3 MW and provides district heating with the nearby town of Unterhaching.

“Already in the commissioning phase since the end of September, 2014, the ORC power plant Laufzorn smoothly produces green energy,” announced the business leaders of the EEC Andreas Lederle on their company’s website, “we have made the right decision with the right technique. The ORC power plant will produce electricity very efficiently – the essential prerequisite to permanently generate revenues. We have weighted our sustainable geothermal source – especially during the warmer seasons when less heating is needed. Above all, our concern was to provide a safe and economical supply of heat to our Grünwalder citizens.”

The electricity from the geothermal energy source in Oberhaching Laufzorn is fed into the public grid since the end of September 2014, as stated on the website of the EEC. In the commissioning, done in mid-December 2014, the ORC power plant of Laufzorn has undergone extensive testing. Moreover, noise emissions have been reduced by targeted policies thanks to sound insulation and are currently safely below the approved limits.

Thus, the fifth geothermal power plant is now fully operational in the south of Munich Unterhaching, adding to Sauerlach, Dürrnhaar and Kirchstockach. This is particularly interesting because three different manufacturers of the equipment in close proximity to each other produce energy for the general grid.

In addition to the power, geothermal heat for Grünwalder households, businesses, kindergartens, schools, retirement homes and the amusement park is used in Laufzorn.

Source: Erdwärme Grünwald via TiefeGeothermie