New geothermal partnership to offer medium to large scale binary plants in Japan

Aerial view of Exergy geothermal power plant (source: GDI/ Exergy)
Alexander Richter 23 May 2020

Geothermal Development & Investment Inc. and TICA Thermal of TICA Group have signed a distributor agreement for medium and large ORC power system from EXERGY International Srl (‘EXERGY’) for the Japanese market.

In a release, Japan-based Geothermal Development & Investment Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomofumi Ono, ‘GDI‘) has signed a distributor agreement with TICA Thermal of TICA Group, a major Chinese air-conditioning manufacturer, for medium and large ORC power system from EXERGY International Srl (‘EXERGY’) who was acquired by TICA Thermal on Sep 25, 2019 and is a world-leading producer of binary generators, and will begin offering binary generators.

Binary power generation is a system in which heat is exchanged to a medium with a boiling point lower than that of water (CFC substitute, silicon oil, etc.), and the turbine, etc. is rotated by a vaporized medium to generate electric power. It is said to be binary power generation because it generates power using two thermal cycles, a heat source system and a medium system, and this cycle is called ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle).

Background to the conclusion of the distributorship agreement

GDI involves investment in geothermal power generation projects, the composition and operation of geothermal power generation projects in collaboration with local communities, and the design and operation of geothermal power plants. We also import and sell overseas generators and various equipment.

Recently, the acquisition of EXERGY by TICA Thermal has resulted in the expansion of its product scope, enabling TICA Thermal to offer medium and large ORC power system from 1MW to 28MW per unit to markets.

This conclusion of a dealer contract with TICA Thermal means that GDI will be an authorized distributor in Japan for binary generators developed and manufactured by EXERGY.

What is expected by the execution of the Distribution Agreement

The binary generators handled so far by GDI were U.S. Electratherm (75kW, 120kW) and Chinese TICA (280kW). However, with the addition of EXERGY (1MW-28MW), GDI will be the only Japanese company that can handle all the binary power generation: small, medium, and large. GDI will take advantage of this strength to promote the further dissemination of geothermal and unused industrial waste heat power generation and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Source: GDI press release