New turbine installed at Nga Awa Purua plant in New Zealand

Nga Awa Purua geothermal power plant, New Zealand (source: Mighty River Power)
Francisco Rojas 31 Jul 2015

After going offline back in 2013, the Nga Awa Purua geothermal power station in NZ has installed a new turbine.

Good news from down under where New Zealand’s “Mighty River Power and Tauhara North No.2 Trust mark the installation of a new turbine at the Nga Awa Purua geothermal power station this week with a blessing. The plant operated by Mighty River Power under a joint venture (65%/35%) with the Trust produces enough renewable energy to power around 140,000 homes – the equivalent of every home in Taupo, Rotorua, Hamilton and Tauranga. It is the largest single-shaft geothermal turbine in the world, weighing 62 tonnes and is 8.7m long.”

The plant came online in 2010 but faced some damage to the turbine in 2013 through geothermal fluids and was forced to install a new turbine (See here)

Source: Mighty River Power LinkedIn Channel