Update: Potential expansion plans at geothermal heating at Pullach in Bavaria, Germany

Update: Potential expansion plans at geothermal heating at Pullach in Bavaria, Germany Drilling rig on site in Pullach, Germany (source: Erdwerk)
Alexander Richter 14 Oct 2019

The municipality of Pullach in Bavaria/ Germany sees potential for expansion of its geothermal heating operations and there are some indications of positive potential on a site explored.

During recent studies by IEP Pullach (Innovative Energie für Pullach) a subsidiary of the municipality of Pullach in Bavaria/ Germany, the potential for further development was explored

At a recent council meeting, the balance sheets for the geothermal energy activities for the past year were shared and next steps discussed.

There are discussions about an extension of the geothermal heating system beyond the municipality. Together with Erdwärme Grünwald and the Munich municipal utilities, extensive seismic investigations were carried out there on both sides of the river Isar last year. Initial results indicate promising and better temperatures.

There seems to be general interest to expand the geothermal heating beyond Pullach.

In Pullach itself, the district heating network was further extended to now a total of 47 kilometers. Since 2005, a staggering 130,000 tonnes of CO2 have been avoided in the town “thanks to geothermal energy”. The 1,500 to 2,000 households in 999 buildings (of 4,100 households in 2,626 properties throughout Pullach) that are currently being provided with the so-called “feel-good geothermal heat” make carbon dioxide emissions per capita in Pullach to be 1.8 tonnes lower than the national average, in Germany which is known to be 9.6 tons. The municipality is thus making a “decisive contribution to the global climate”, but also guarantees “clean and healthy local air”, so the chairman of the energy company.

Source: Merkur, some additional background by Erdwerk

Note: a previous version of the article referred to concrete development plans by local media that have now been described as only speculation at this time, hence we adapted the article accordingly.