North Buton in Southeast Sulawesi holds large geothermal potential for development

Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia (source: flickr/ a_rabin, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 1 May 2019

Sulfur springs found along the coast of North Buton District, Southeast Sulawesi have sparked interest in the geothermal resource potential of the region.

The North Buton District in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia may have huge potential for geothermal exploration and production, according to North Buton District Head Abu Hasan.

Surface manifestations of a potential geothermal resource were found along the east coast from Bubu village, Kambowa Sub-District to Buranga, Bonegunu District. These are comprised of several springs that release abundant sulfur gas, spanning areas of up to 60 square meters.

North Buton is a new and developing autonomous region. Although they are actively seeking investments to tap into their natural resources, serious and established investors are being prioritized.

“North Buton has not yet proactively worked towards drawing investors, particularly in the mining region, as it had not been prioritized. Moreover, North Buton has given a selective response to potential investors,” added Hasan.

North Buton DPRD member Muliadin Salenda remarked that North Buton also has large rivers that can be used to power small-scale hydropower plants.

Source: Antara News