NZ and Indonesia sign USD 4.5m collaboration agreement on geothermal training

NZ and Indonesia sign USD 4.5m collaboration agreement on geothermal training IIGCE 2018 - Opening Session, Jakarta (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)
Alexander Richter 6 Sep 2018

New Zealand and Indonesia sign collaboration agreement on geothermal training in Indonesia, helping to strengthen institutions, provide support for business entities in the geothermal sector and broaden opportunities in local communities.

During the opening session of the 6th Indonesia International Geothermal Convention and Exhibition 2018 this week in Jakarta, Indonesia, the country’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources through the Energy Ministry Human Resource Development (HRD) Agency conducted a Partnership Arrangement with the Government of New Zealand.

The signing was carried out by IGN Wiratmaja Puja, Head of Energy Ministry HRD Agency and Trevor Matheson, Ambassador of New Zealand. Through this Partnership Arrangement, the benefits obtained by Indonesia include providing added value for the development of superior human resources in the geothermal field as well as improving the capacity and competence of teachers and workers in the geothermal industry.

The Head of Energy Ministry HRD Agency said, “Geothermal potential is extraordinary, especially in Indonesia, which is included in the ring of fire region, so that for its development, it needs human resources and innovations that are increasingly qualified, according to global developments,” Wiratmaja said.

In his remarks the Minister of Energy emphasized the acceleration of the geothermal project process in Indonesia so that it could be used because it is eco-friendly energy.

Through cooperation with Energy Ministry HRD Agency, the New Zealand Government provides funds of NZD6.8 million (ca USD 4.5m) as financing for the development of human resources in geothermal fields to be carried out in Indonesia, including:

  1. improving the quality of institutional strengthening;
  2. training support for business entities in the geothermal field;
  3. improve the quality and ability of training provided by relevant Indonesian education institutions, curriculum design, identify potential trainers and training programs, including Training of Trainers (ToT);
  4. broaden opportunities for people in local communities to be positively involved in this sector, get skilled jobs and provide fairer benefits in Indonesia’s economic development.

The collaboration itself is a continuation of the Arrangement between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation with the New Zealand Government on July 18, 2016. The New Zealand Government provides technical assistance and capacity building to facilitate increased production of renewable energy and follow-up to support geothermal development in Indonesia.

Source: Netral Energy, Tribun News