One Week until 2nd Digital Indonesian Intl Geothermal Conference 2021

One Week until 2nd Digital Indonesian Intl Geothermal Conference 2021 Event banner
Alexander Richter 13 Sep 2021

The second Digital Indonesian International Geothermal Conference (DIIGC) will be held September 21-24, 2021.

The biggest challenge for geothermal industry in Indonesia by the Covid-19 pandemic is the operations of the power plant are currently experiencing an unusual procedure which must follow the protocol as required by the government, but this opportunity is attainable with Indonesia’s abundant new and renewable energy (NRE) resources.

In order  to keep supporting the renewable energy development particularly in the geothermal sector and also to update the latest technology and regulations in the geothermal sector, the Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA), as the premier association for Geothermal sector in Indonesia, is proud to bring you for the 2nd DIIGC 2021  will also be held in conjunction with the 21st Annual Scientific Convention of the Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA). This moment will create a good opportunity to establish cooperative relationships with potential business partners throughout the world in the geothermal industry. The 2nd Indonesia International Geothermal Convention (DIGC) 2021 which will be held on 21 – 24 September 2021 through Zoom Application Platform. This year’s theme is “Advancement Through Creative Technology Innovation”.

“In this year as in the previous year the organizers of the annual scientific meeting have been mandated by the articles of association of the Indonesian Geothermal Association to hold the IIGCE event which adapted the theme “Making Geothermal the Energy of Today”  to emphasize our commitment together to further encourage the implementation of national transitional energy by reducing the role of fossil-based energy by increasing the use of renewable energy where geothermal energy is the backbopne.” – so Prijandaru Effendi / Chairman of the Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA).

Find the Agenda for the event here.

INAGA and The 2nd DIIGC 2021 are honored to invite all geothermal communities to join us and be part of this great moment to support and help each other to create more advanced developments in Indonesia’s geothermal industry and the rest of the world in the future, with the various skills and experiences you have.