Only one week until the Indonesian Intl Geothermal Conference

Only one week until the Indonesian Intl Geothermal Conference Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition 2014
Alexander Richter 27 May 2014

Only 7 days until the largest geothermal event in Asia this year will start in Jakarta, Indonesia. The 2nd Indonesia International Geothermal Conference and Exhibition (IIGCE) will take place June 4-6, 2014.

Indonesia, with its world’s largest geothermal potential resources, is proud to host the 2nd  Indonesia International Geothermal  Conference and Exhibition (IIGCE) on 4-6 June 2014. We extend   our  warmest  welcome to  all participants from around the world.

This year’s conference and exhibition builds on the legacy of first IIGCE – establishing a reputation as the premiere geothermal industry event in the region. This is a comprehensive forum offering opportunities to discuss all aspects of geothermal business: policies, science, technology, commercial, operation, and sustainability.

IIGCE 2014 is held in conjunction with the 14th Annual Scientific Convention of the Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA). It represents a golden opportunity for members of INAGA to network with colleagues and potential business partners from the whole world, as well as showcasing the uniqueness and best practices of geothermal industry in Indonesia.

This year’s theme of “Enhancing Geothermal Development to Meet Energy Demands Through Policy Breakthrough” is a call of action to geothermal stakeholders to realize the full potential of geothermal resources in optimizing our future energy mix. A clean and renewable form of energy, its advancement will require strong commitment and innovation to address the technical and non-technical risks associated with its exploration and development.

The INAGA and the Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition strive to lead the effort of advancing geothermal energy development by harnessing collaboration amongst stakeholders and innovation in policy, science, and operational aspect of it, for the greater benefit of the people of Indonesia, and mankind in general.
Look forward to your active participation and contribution.


Abadi Poernomo
Indonesian Geothermal Association