Ormat signs PPAs with NV Energy for up to 160 MW of geothermal power

Ormat signs PPAs with NV Energy for up to 160 MW of geothermal power Steamboat Complex 1988-2020, NV, USA, 84 MW (source: Ormat)
Carlo Cariaga 20 May 2022

NV Energy has signed a PPA for the purchase of up to 160 MW of power from the geothermal portfolio of Ormat in Nevada.

Ormat Technologies Inc (Ormat) has announced the execution of two Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) between two of its subsidiaries and NV Energy. The details of the two PPAs are as follows:

  • NV Energy will purchase 25 MW of power from the North Valley Geothermal Project, a new facility expected to come online by early 2023, over 25 years. This PPA was signed in 2021.
  • NV Energy will purchase up to 135 MW of power generated by a portfolio of Ormat’s new and existing geothermal power plants. This PPA was signed only this week.

Both of these PPAs are still subject to the approval of the Nevada Public Utility Commission.

Energy deliveries under the portfolio PPA are expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2024 and the entire portfolio is expected to be online by the end of 2028. The portfolio PPA has a contract capacity of 120 MW, with a minimum capacity of 105 MW and maximum potential capacity of 135 MW. The portfolio PPA is for a term of 25 years from the end of the final development period, ending December 31, 2053.

The portfolio PPA covers facilities in northern Nevada, and is comprised of both new projects currently under construction or in development as well as existing facilities. These Nevada projects will supply renewable energy to NV Energy and help it meet its renewable energy targets while supporting increasing customer demand for round the clock clean energy.

Not only will these PPAs drive the development of more clean energy to serve Nevadans, but they will also support continued partnership with the International Brotherhood for Electric Workers Local 401.

“We are thrilled to execute both contracts with NV Energy, including a first of its kind energy portfolio PPA in the state of Nevada. These PPAs will enable both the development of multiple new projects as well as the sustainable operation of several of our existing geothermal power plants.” said Ormat Technologies CEO Doron Blachar.

“Through our partnership, we expect to generate over $2.5B in overall economic value for the state and create significant job opportunities for its residents over the next 31 years.” added Blachar.

”We are proud to support the development of Nevada’s geothermal resources and to be bringing more clean energy to our customers,” commented NV Energy Senior Vice President of Generation Dave Ulozas.

A month ago, Ormat had also signed a 15-year PPA with California-based aggregator Peninsula Clean Energy for 26 MW of power from the Heber 2 geothermal facility in Imperial Valley, California.

Source: Ormat Technologies