Overview on green tax incentives – incl. geothermal – in the United States

Report title page screenshot (source: Robinson+Cole)
Alexander Richter 26 Jul 2019

Overview on geothermal energy tax incentives in a compendium on green tax incentives in the United States provided in a regular update by Jerome L. Garciano of the law firm of Robinson+Cole.

In regular updates shared by Jerome L. Garciano of the law firm of Robinson+Cole, he provides a Green Tax Incentive Compendium providing detailed information about incentives for renewable energy projects, including geothermal energy, in the United States.

The document presents certain federal and state tax incentives promoting the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. Each section outlines the basic features and regulatory requirements for a tax program which provides financial incentives for clean technology development through renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

This includes all kinds of incentives for renewable energy electricity production, investment in energy property, renewable energy bonds, etc.

Green Tax Incentive Compendium: Federal and State Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (pdf)