Permeability of first well drilled at SVG below expectations

Drilling rig on site at La Soufriere, St. Vincent, Caribbean (source: Stv Online)
Carlo Cariaga 17 Aug 2019

With the below-expectations permeability of the first well drilled at the St. Vincent and Grenadines geothermal project, the development team is hoping for better results on the second well and may consider revising their drilling program.

Although the temperature of the first well drilled at the geothermal project in St. Vincent & Grenadines was well within target, the permeability was below what the team had expected. More specifically, the first well was drilled to a depth of 2700 meters, hitting a temperature of more than 250 C and a permeability of 1.5 liters per second. It took 82 days to finish drilling of the first well.

According to Thorleifur Finnsson of Reykjavik Geothermal, the delay in the completion of the first well was due to an unstable formation between 1800 to 1900 meters of depth.

Right now, drilling of Well Three is underway to a South-West direction, which is opposite that of Well One. Well Two is programmed to be drilled between the Wells One and Three. However, Finnsson stated that they can revise their program based on the success or failure of Well Three. There is also a possibility of revisiting Well One to remedy the permeability issues.

Source: Searchlight