Permission granted for early work on geothermal cooling project, India

Permission granted for early work on geothermal cooling project, India Kinnaur, Himalaya, India (source: flickr/ Sandeep Kaul, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 9 Dec 2021

Icelandic GEG has received a required permit for conducting a survey and early exploration work for its planned geothermal cooling project in India.

Icelandic geothermal development company GEG Power ehf. has obtained the final permission from the State Government of Himachal Pradesh in India for conducting the survey and exploration studies for their geothermal cooling project.

The survey is planned to begin as early as January 2022. GEG’s ongoing India-based project will explore the feasibility of utilizing the geothermal potential found in the Kinnaur region in a cold storage application for apples.

The reconnaissance study done by the GEG team indicates the presence of numerous hot springs in the valley, lying along the major apple production belt. A feasibility study to utilize the low temperature geothermal resources in the region has therefore been initiated by GEG Power with the aim of benefitting local farmers directly, by providing them with an economical way to store their harvest.

This will then help them to fetch a better price in the market. Considering its objectives in regards to the welfare of the local farmers in the region, creating employment opportunities, and technological development and exchange, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland has greatly supported and contributed to the project by providing grant.

This was made possible through the Ministry’s Business Partnership Fund for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2007, an MoU was signed between the Government of Iceland and the Government of India for increased cooperation in renewable energy development. GEG’s project development in India will therefore help in strengthening this cooperation between the two nations.

Source: Company release