PGE plans extension at Lahendong geothermal plant in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Steamfield at Lahendong geothermal plant, Indonesia (source: Sumitomo Corp.)
Alexander Richter 26 Aug 2019

PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy plans the expansion of the Lahendong geothermal power plant with units 7 and 8 in North Sulawesi.

PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) Lahendong, North Sulawesi, plans to expand the Lahendong geothermal power plant with units seven and eight to maintain the availability of energy supplies, as well as the utilization of renewable energy in North Sulawesi.

“The expansion with unit seven is in Lahendong while unit eight is in Tompaso,” so PGE General Manager Lahendong Salvius Patangke to Antara News earlier this month. The company has already secured the required environmental licensing for the planned two units. However, the problem now is that electricity absorption in the northern tip of Sulawesi is very minimal.

Currently the peak load of electric power reaches around 380 MW, while the installed capacity reaches around 460 MW there is a surplus of 80 MW.

“This is like data from PT PLN. It means that there is a surplus of around 80 MW for the North Sulawesi and Gorontalo networks. Now, if we develop units seven and eight, the absorption will not be maximal,” he said. Although, he said, in a long-term contract with PLN, a minimum absorption of 90 percent of the installed capacity.

At present, PGE Lahendong has an installed capacity of 120 MW at Lahendong and Tompaso.

According to PGE, there is a requirement of surplus capacity in the network to maintain continuity of availability.

“Existing existing plants are all operating, only the load is regulated. Let’s say there is an installed capacity of 20 MW, then 15 MW is operated, or of the 120 MW that are available around 90-100 MW are operated,” he said.

Each unit planned would add 20 MW to the installed capacity at Lahendong.

Source: Antara News