PGE targets 883 MW geothermal capacity by 2024

PGE targets 883 MW geothermal capacity by 2024 Lumut Balai geothermal plant, Indonesia (source: WIKA)
Alexander Richter 1 Jul 2021

PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy expects to increase its geothermal power generation capacity in Indonesia by 211 MW by 2024 to 883 MW.

Indonesian PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), a business unit of PT Pertamina (Persero) in the geothermal sector, targets that by 2024 it will operate a Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) with a total capacity of up to 883 MW.

The target was conveyed by Sentot Yulianugroho, Government & Public Relations Manager of PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy, in discussions with the media today. He said that his party is currently focusing on several PLTP capacity developments.

“Currently we are focusing on several geothermal capacity developments which will be targeted in 2024 of 883 MW,” he explained.

Then, the installed capacity will increase further in 2029 to 2030 to 1,300 MW.

“We are optimistic that the target for 2029-2030 will be around 1,300 MW or 1.3 GW from PGE,” he explained.

He further said that PGE is currently conducting several initiation studies related to several derivative products that might be extracted from geothermal.

“Intensive research is being carried out regarding green hydrogen, which is expected to be one of the derivative products from geothermal which can also support the development of EBT in the future,” he said

Based on PGE data, until 2019 Pertamina has an installed PLTP capacity of 672 MW. Pertamina manages five geothermal areas, three geothermal development projects, and three geothermal exploration fields.

Five geothermal projects that have been operating include PLTP Kamojang Unit IV, PLTP Lahendong Unit I-VI, PLTP Ulubelu Unit I-IV, PLTP Karaha Unit I, and PLTP Lumut Balai Unit I.

Previously, Sentot had conveyed that the Lumut Balai Unit 2 project was currently in the bidding process for the procurement of EPCC ( Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning ) production facilities and PLTP. He also estimates that this project will only be operational after the next two years.

“It is hoped that the construction will start in the middle of the year. Normally, construction usually takes 24 months,” he said.

As for the Hululais PLTP project, according to him, his party is still waiting for PLN’s readiness, because later PLN will build the power plant, while PGE will prepare a steam field and production facilities to supply geothermal steam to its power plant.

As for the full river PLTP project, according to him, an assessment or re- assessment is being carried out .

Because the development of these three projects is still underway, according to him, this year there will be no additional PLTP capacity from PGE.

“There doesn’t seem to be any,” when asked if there will be an addition to PGE’s PLTP capacity this year.

Source: CNBC Indonesia