PG&E to set up 60 MW/ 240 MWh battery storage at Coso Geothermal Plant in California

PG&E to set up 60 MW/ 240 MWh battery storage at Coso Geothermal Plant in California
Alexander Richter 21 May 2020

California-based utility PG&E is planning to set up a 60 MW/ 240 MWh lithium-ion battery storage facility at the Coso geothermal power plant at Little Lake, California.

Reported locally, California-based Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has issued a request for approval from the California Energy Commission for five lithium-ion battery storage projects of up to 423 MW or 1,692 MWh. This, so the utility, includes a 60 MW/ 240 MWh battery co-located with a geothermal facility. The projects are all to be delivered with a commercial online date of July 18, 2021.

The 60 MW/ 240 MWh battery is to be co-located with the Coso geothermal plants at Little Lake, California.

The solicitation document can be found with the pdf linked below.

PG&E executed a LT RAA for the Coso Battery Storage project. Coso Battery Storage, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of CGP Holdings, LLC. Coso Battery Storage will have an Asset Management Agreement with Middle River Power LLC that will empower Middle River Power to act as the developer and manager during the construction and operation phase. Middle River Power has assets under management or in development that include over 3,000 MW of natural gas, coal, geothermal, and solar power generation facilities in California, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The project will be a transmission-connected, lithium ion battery energy storage resource and is co-located with an existing geothermal project located in Inyo County. The project is a 60 MW, four-hour duration project. The geothermal project has an existing interconnection agreement with sufficient capacity and deliverability for the additional 60 MW from the energy storage project. A Material Modification Request has been submitted to the CAISO to transfer deliverability from the existing geothermal facility to storage and results are due in mid-May 2020. Appendix I provides additional project and LT RAA detail.

Source: Utilitydive, PG&E Advise letter (pdf)