Philippines DOE planning to explore local geothermal potential in Davao Oriental

Banana plantation, Davao Oriental, Philippines (source: flickr/ Shubert Ciencia, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 27 Sep 2018

The Philippines DOE has announced plans for studies of local geothermal potential in the province of Davao Oriental, as part of wider work on updating the country's national database on geothermal resources.

Reported earlier this week, the Philippines Department of Energy has announced plans for a study of the Mati-Lupon-Tarragona geothermal field in Davao Oriental during a meeting in Mati City, capital of the province.

This study is part of a wider study on other areas with geothermal resources in 2017 with a planned completion by 2021. The goal with the study is to explore the potential geothermal resources in Mati-Lupon-Tarragona, but also update the national database for geothermal resources in the Philippines and identify areas for development.

The DOE is seeking support of the local government for cooperation of local communities during assessment and exploration activities. DOE though also had to address concerns about potential triggered earthquakes from geothermal activities.

Atty. Marissa P. Cerezo, assistant director of the DoE’s Renewable Energy Management Bureau, said “There is no scientific basis for that.” Ms. Cerezo also explained that if the areas of study do not prove to be feasible for power generation, these sources can still be tapped for other uses such as for agriculture and tourism, among others.

Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang welcomed the exploration saying he hopes that the province would be able to contribute in power generation for economic growth.

Source: BusinessWorld