Philippines lists 218 MW of incentive eligible geothermal capacity

Philippines lists 218 MW of incentive eligible geothermal capacity Bacon-Manito geothermal power plant, Philippines (source: First Gen Corp.)
Alexander Richter 17 Jan 2022

The Philippines DOE has issued a list of 6 geothermal power plants that are eligible for granted incentives under the Renewable Portfolio Standards.

As part of the set up Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in the energy sector, the Philippines Department of Energy has now released a list of 2,619 MW of eligible renewable energy capacity that can be granted incentives under the scheme.

RPS is an incentive mechanism for renewable energy investments in the country because it provides market for RE generated capacities by requiring distribution utilities (DUs) to procure prescribed percentage of their supply portfolio from RE sources.

The capacity now listed as eligible includes hydropower, solar, biomass, wind and geothermal capacity.  Of the total of 2,619 MW listed, 218 MW are geothermal energy.

The geothermal plants eligible under the scheme are:

  • Maibarara 1 geothermal plant, Maibarara Geothermal Inc. – 20 MW
  • Southern Negros – Nasulo geothermal plant, EDC – 30 MW
  • Bacon Manito – geothermal plant, Bac-Man Geothermal – 140 MW
  • Makban geothermal plant and binary geothermal plant, AP Renewables Inc. – 6 MW
  • Maibaraa 2 geothermal plant, Maibarara Geothermal – 12 MW
  • Tongonan 1 geothermal plant, Green Core Geothermal Inc – 10 MW

The DOE had previously announced preparation for capacity auction of around 2,000 MW of qualified renewable energy projects to be awarded with power supply agreements under the Portfolio Standards policy, an actual bidding date has though still to be announced.

List of eligible geothermal projects/ DOE Philippines

Source: Philippines Department of Energy, Manila Bulletin