PLN launches construction on 20 MW Tulehu geothermal project in Central Maluku, Indonesia

Ternate, North Maluku, Indonesia (source: flickr/ Achmad Rabin Taim, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 21 Jun 2017

PLN has launched work on its 20 MW Tulehu geothermal power project in Maluku Regency, Indonesia. The plant is expected to start operation in 2019.

Indonesian state power utility PLN has launched the work on the Tulehu geothermal power project. When ready the plant will have a capacity of 20 MW in two 10 MW units.

The project is located in Suli and Tulehu in the Central Maluku Regency in Maluku Province in Indonesia.

It is expected that the plant will be operational and commence commercial  operation in 2019.

The resources in the Tulehu geothermal working area are estimated at 60 MW. The number of geothermal wells to be drilled consists of four wells consisting of three production wells and one injection well. Meanwhile Engineering Drilling and Supervision Drilling is conducted by WestJec-Connusa Energindo Consultant.

Implementation Drilling is conducted by PT Halliburton Logging Services Indonesia in the form of Full IPM (Integrated Project Management) contract.

The cost for the drilling is estimated at $31 million and is funded by PLN and JICA.

The project was initially launched in 2010, but is only kicking off now due due to lack of funding or loans since then. Land acquisition issues were also a problem

Source: Kompas