PLN seeking investors for up $1 billion for 8 geothermal projects in Indonesia

Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia (source: flickr/ Gabriel ^(oo)^, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 22 Aug 2019

PT PLN Gas & Geothermal is looking for potential partners for the development and management of eight potential geothermal projects in Indonesia.

PT PLN Gas & Geothermal (PLN GG), a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero), is looking for partners and investors for up to $1 billion of funding needed for the development of eight geothermal working areas in Indonesia. According to PT PLN GG Direector Yudistian Yunis, there are currently five potential domestic and foreign investors who are interested in developing and managing the sites.

The eight sites being offered are as follows:

  • Songa Wayaua, North Maluku (10 MW)
  • Atedei, East Nusa Tenggara (5 MW)
  • Gunung Sirung, East Nusa Tenggara (5 MW)
  • Oka Ile Angie, East Nusa Tenggara (10 MW)
  • Gunung Tangkuban-Perahu, West Java (55 MW)
  • Gunung Ungaran, Central Java (55 MW)
  • Kepahiang, Bengkulu (110 MW)
  • Danau Ranau, Lampung (40 MW)

In the next five months, PLN has planned to announce the partners for the site. The exploration phase will then begin, with a target operating date for the sites by 2023 to 2024.

Source: Katadata