Podcast – The Energy Gang on the question of “Can Geothermal Scale?”

Podcast – The Energy Gang on the question of “Can Geothermal Scale?” The Energy Gang - Podcast - GTM Website snapshot
Alexander Richter 29 Nov 2018

A podcast this week by The Energy Gang (Greentech Media) features an interview with me, where I talk about how the geothermal sector has developed following the financial crash of 2008.

Last month, I published a story on my experience attending the GRC Annual Meeting in Reno/ Nevada in 2008. During the event then, my employer, Icelandic bank Glitnir went bankrupt, and the financial system in Iceland collapsed, including our jobs. A mere hour before the announcement, I gave an interview to Stephen Lacey, a journalist, who recalled our interview back them and invited me for an interview as part of his podcast series “The Energy Gang” with Greentech Media.

In the interview, taped earlier this week, I give a bit of insight into that experience, but also how I see the geothermal sector having developed. You can listen to the podcast here below.

Fantastic to see that Stephen Lacey remembered our discussions back in 2008 and remains interested in geothermal energy. Thanks for having me on the show. You are doing an amazing job and Greentech Media is a great inspiration to our work at ThinkGeoEnergy.

Source: GreentechMedia