Poland’s government is working on supporting geothermal projects on risk reduction

Smog over Warsaw, Poland - Picture November 2015 (source: flickr/ Radek Kolakowski, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 4 Mar 2020

The Polish government sees great geothermal potential for the country and works on supporting development in the form of early stage support and risk mitigation.

Geothermal energy is a very promising energy resource and the government is working on supporting geothermal projects in terms of risk reduction, according to Minister of Climate Michal Kurtyka, as reported locally.

When asked about prospects related to geothermal energy, the politician emphasized that investor risk mitigation was key.  “Geothermal energy is a very promising resource in Poland. We would like to put the right pressure on development. We work together with the National Fund for Environmental Protection when it comes to supporting geothermal projects, in particular when it comes to such a comprehensive solution that would limit the risk of these first wells, because this is the biggest problem for the investor, which is often the local government “- said the minister.

“For us, the subject of heat, heat energy, heating is absolutely central when it comes to the evolution of the Polish energy system. She was such a somewhat forgotten problem, 400 heating networks, which in Poland are above 5 MW thermal, is such a sleeping asset that has not been properly used so far, “he added.

Kurtyka also drew attention to the strategy of his ministry regarding the local dimension of the energy sector. “Our thinking at the Ministry of Climate is that we have to launch this local dimension of the energy sector, because there is a lot of synergy at the interface of the local heating network, local transport system, local energy system” – he said.

“This is not just geothermal, it can be biogas, it can be bio-methane on a small scale. We will propose solutions in the form of energy cooperatives to unlock this local dimension of energy” – he added.

While this sounds generally positive on geothermal by the Polish government, one has to generally be careful as so far the commitment to climate change and mitigation measures have been limited.

Source: Energetyka24