Positive preliminary opinion on geothermal energy project in Mons, Belgium

CHU Ambroise Paré hospital, Mons (source: hospital page/ LinkedIn)
Alexander Richter 6 Apr 2020

Favourable opinion given by city of Mons for a planned geothermal heating project in the city in Belgium.

Local newspaper La Dernier Heure reported that the city of Mons in Belgium has given a favourable initial opinion on a geothermal energy project at the Porte de Nimy, in the Ursulines park. The decision dates back to March 19, 2020 but went unnoticed due to the current coronavirus situation and containment measures.

It is at this location that the intercommunal IDEA plans to drill two wells to a depth of 2,500 m targeting hot water. IDEA plans to install a heating plant in the park to supply the neighbouring Ambroise Paré hospital in particular.

The public inquiry is over. There have been many complaints. A committee of local residents opposes the project. They fear the risks and nuisances of a geothermal power plant close to the homes of the small belt.

“The concerns of local residents have been heard and are included in the public inquiry,” explains Alderman for Town Planning Maxime Pourtois at La Dernier Heure. An alderman reassured by “the information provided by IDEA and UMons, two partners public who have significant expertise, we were able to be reassured about the fears that were raised. We were also reassured that the Ursuline park would remain well accessible to the public. The file is well put together, which is why the college has given a favourable prior opinion. ”

If all goes well, drilling of the wells should start this year. The installation site in mid-2021. The geothermal power plant would be commissioned in mid-2023. Everything should be finished by January 1, 2024 to be able to benefit from European subsidies which finance 80% of the operation.