Project on Nevis in the Caribbean has started well testing and monitoring

Project on Nevis in the Caribbean has started well testing and monitoring Nevis Volcano, Nevis & St. Kitts (source: flickr/ Stuck in Customs, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 30 Mar 2016

The developer of the Nevis geothermal project has announced the start of well testing and monitoring on the project site on Nevis in the Caribbean.

In a release, Texas-based Thermal Energy Partners LLC (TEP) through its affiliate, NRE International (NREI) announced today, that testing has begun to measure wellhead “shut-in” pressure data, casing integrity and reservoir pressure of the existing geothermal resource for its 9MW Nevis power plant.

TEP’s latest announcement comes after recently selecting its ORC technology vendor, Turboden, who will provide high efficiency binary cycle generation equipment to maximize the available energy from the Nevis geothermal reservoir.

“These well tests are important for the future production of geothermal power in Nevis and will aide us in the final design of the geothermal ORC turbines. The shut in pressure testing will be followed in the next few weeks with more comprehensive (step-flow) testing which will define the reservoir properties, allowing us to collect samples of the produced steam from the geothermal reservoir. Nevis is poised to have a fully completed geothermal plant by the end of 2017 that will generate electric power from a high enthalpy geothermal resource”, said Bruce Cutright, CEO of Thermal Energy Partners.

Deputy Premier Mark Brantley stated, “Nevis’ goals are to significantly cut energy costs to our citizens and to transition our Island to totally independent renewable energy. We will soon be able to produce zero-emission power and position ourselves as a future exporter of geothermal power to nearby islands”.

Thermal Energy Partners, Turboden and its Nevisian partners represent a transformative team that is setting the standard for creating an entirely green economy with substantial economic benefits for the Island and for the region.

Source: Company release by Thermal Energy Partners