Promising outlook for geothermal energy market in Bavaria, Germany

Promising outlook for geothermal energy market in Bavaria, Germany Map of geothermal plants and projects in Bavaria, Germany (source: presentation screenshot)
Alexander Richter 5 Oct 2020

The recent webinar by Enerchange/ ThinkGeoEnergy highlighted the promising outlook for the geothermal energy market of Bavaria, Germany. Learn more at the upcoming 8th Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern event, October 14, 2020.

Last week’s Focus on Geothermal webinar showed the actual state of development in the fastest growing geothermal market in Middle Europe. Jochen Schneider, Director at German agency Enerchange and editor of the information website Tiefe Geothermie introduced the Bavarian Market and the program of the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern to be held in one week.

About 20 plants are installed in Munich and the vicinity with more than 300 MWth capacity to feed heating networks so far. Acutally, the geothermal hotspot is in the east, with one plant close to operation, in Garching an der Alz by Silenos Energy and five combined heat and power plants in development. Two of them are ready to drill with the permissions of the authorities, the project by Marubeni in Kirchanschöring is in the construction phase of the drill pad.

Further projects will be developed in the vicinity of Munich. This includes heating and combined heating and electricity projects. The framework for the development is the Renewable Sources Act (EEG), which is actually in discussion to be improved, funding for geothermal heat projects and heat networks.

This development will be in the focus of the annual conference of the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern on October, 14, 2020. Funding, heat projects and combined heat and power projects will be introduced and discussed. The event will be held in Pullach, with about 50 participants on site and and the possibility for online participation. The presentations in German will be translated simultaneously to English. The online event hosts also a virtual exhibition, with videos and presentations of the sponsors Rödl & Partner, Turboden and NW-Assekuranz.

For further information on the program and the registration, please visit the website (

Here the recording of the webinar: