PT GeoDipa to play big role for reduction of CO2 emissions in Indonesia

Patuha geothermal plant of PT GeoDipa, Bandung, Indonesia (source: ESMAP)
Alexander Richter 9 Oct 2018

In conjunction with current meetings in Indonesia, PT GeoDipa Energi highlights its important role in the reduction of CO2 emissions in Indonesia, with a planned reduction of 6 million tons of CO2.

The Indonesian Ministry of Finance supports a minimum carbon emission reduction of 1-2 million tons by 2023 and 6 million tons by 2035.

This commitment is reflected in the short and long term development plans of PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero), a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry Finance in Indonesia.

As reported by detik Finance, Indonesia’s commitment to climate change was stated in Act No. 16 of 2016 concerning the Establishment of Paris Agreement to the United Nations.

To fulfil the commitment in reducing carbon emissions massively, at present, Geo Dipa is mandating the Geothermal Law No.21 / 2014 Article 28, namely obtaining assignments from the government to carry out exploration, exploitation, and / or utilization of geothermal energy

Geo Dipa, which as a state-owned enterprise (BUMN) also has important functions and roles, including:

  1. Increasing the quantity and making it easier for people to obtain environmentally friendly electricity needs.
  2. Opening and expanding employment in areas where the project is implemented.
  3. Assist the Government as a price setter in fulfilling electricity that is environmentally friendly to the geothermal environment.
  4. Encouraging export commodities in the form of increasing foreign exchange, from coal sales and oil and gas effects
    substitution of fossil plants with geothermal power plants.

Meanwhile, Geo Dipa plans to develop a 10 MW Small Scale geothermal power plant (Binary?) 10 MW, Area Development of Candradimuka 60 MW, 5×55 MW Extension Unit Dieng and Patuha, Development of Arjuno Welirang field which has 180 MW potential and Umbul Telomoyo Temple field with 90 MW potential.

Source: detik Finance