Public consultation launched for potential geothermal project in Martinique, Caribbean

Saint-Pierre, Martinique (source: flickr/ sebavenet, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 7 Feb 2020

Preparing for potential development, a public consultation meeting is scheduled to discuss a geothermal project that could kick off in Martinique, a French territory in the Caribbean.

A public consultation meeting has been organised for Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at Anses-d’Arlet in order to discuss with the population on the advisability of installing a geothermal power plant in Petite Anse, in Martinique, a French territory in the Caribbean.

We previously reported on potential development, which now takes a concrete step towards the establishment of a geothermal power plant for the production of electricity in Petite Anse aux Anses-d’Arlet.

Geothermal energy is stable energy. Insofar as it is entirely based on the recovery of the earth’s heat, it does not depend on the weather and is not subject to major climatic events. The production of geothermal energy does not emit CO2 either. The development of this type of technology would therefore allow Martinique to reduce its impact on global warming.

In Martinique, 25% of the electricity comes from renewable energies (wind, sun, waste incineration, bagasse / wood). The Multi-year Energy Programming (PPE) has set the objective that 56% of the electricity mix will come from Renewable Energies by 2023. The potential geothermal deposits detected in Martinique represent an important opportunity for achieving these objectives, in view of energy autonomy.

Geothermal is seen as a stable and attractive source of energy to reach those renewable energy targets.