Recording of Annual Meeting of Polish Geothermal Association (in Polish)

Recording of Annual Meeting of Polish Geothermal Association (in Polish) Presentation screenshot, Beata Kepinska of the Polish Geothermal Association
Alexander Richter 8 Oct 2020

In this recording of the annual meeting of the Polish Geothermal Association one can get a good overview on the status of geothermal development in Poland.

Holding its annual geothermal meeting this year online, the Polish Geothermal Association has now shared the video of the event here. (attention though in Polish).

Geothermal energy in Poland 2019-2020 is a discussion about the possibilities, difficulties, challenges, investment plans and the current state of geothermal energy in Poland.

The topics discussed during the meeting concern deep and shallow geothermal energy resources, methods of their research, exploitation, development, optimal management and financing of geothermal projects. At the meeting, you can hear government representatives’ answers to questions about the expected role of geothermal energy in activities and strategies, planned sources of financing and support for entrepreneurs for the development of this field in the coming years.

By participating in the meeting, you can find out whether a competence center in the field of geothermal energy and Earth heat will be established, whether you can see the effects of geothermal projects in Poland financed by government programs introduced in recent years, and when we can expect further heating plants in Poland with the participation of geothermal energy and how the Polish support system is compared to other countries and international initiatives!

Program of the meeting

The trailer of the National Geothermal Congress takes place on September 22, 2020 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. We present the meeting agenda!


  • Geothermal energy in the world and in Europe – Marek Hajto, Vice-President of PSG, AGH WGGiO?, KSE
  • Geotermia in Poland, 2019-2020 – Beata K?pi?ska, President of PSG, IGSMiE PA
  • Geothermal energy in the activities and strategies of the Government of the Republic of Poland –
  • Governmental energy support programs for the use of geothermal resources in Poland – Ireneusz Zyska Secretary of State and
  • Government Plenipotentiary for RES on the Government’s RES goals, including geothermal energy and the place of geothermal energy in Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040
  • Piotr Dziadzio, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Climate on the current activities of the Ministry of Climate aimed at developing the use of geothermal energy in Poland
  • Arthur. Sz. Michalski, Deputy President of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, on the current effects of geothermal projects in Poland implemented thanks to government programs introduced in recent years and financed by the
  • National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.


  • Geotermia Pyrzyce Sp. z o. o. – 25 years of activity
  • Geotermia Mazowiecka SA
  • Geotermia Podd?bice Sp. z o
  • PEC Geotermia Podhala?ska SA
  • Geotermia Uniejów im. Stanis?awa Olasa Sp. z o
  • Geotermia Stargard Sp. z o
  • Announcement of the winners of the PSG Scientific Award for the best publication on geothermal in 2018-2020
  • Invitation to the VII OKG in 2021. Completion

Geotermia w Polsce 2019-2020 from GLOBEnergia on Vimeo.

Plans for next year!

Geothermal congresses are a long tradition of the Polish Geothermal Association. Traditional deliberations as part of the 7th National Geothermal Congress are planned for September 2021.

Source: GLOBEnergia