Recordings – MEET Geothermal Winter School, Feb. 2021

Recordings – MEET Geothermal Winter School, Feb. 2021 MEET Geothermal Winter School 2021
Alexander Richter 8 May 2021

The Presentations of the 2021 MEET Project Geothermal Winter School have been made available.

Geothermal is decisive for the energy transition since it provides a flexible base load renewable source of energy. The contribution of geoscientists is central for the development of this form of renewable energy. We need to train today the next generation of Geoscientists in order to develop and exploit the geothermal projects of tomorrow.

Through the Geothermal Winter School, the Multi-sites EGS Demonstration Project (MEET) consortium provides to future geoscientists some practical feedback from research and industry in geothermal. Indeed, this educational program was intended to transfer new knowledge to European students on Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) and demonstration sites, based on highly advanced research approach and industrial expertise from ongoing projects.

Master and PhD students from MEET partners and European universities, but also post-doctoral fellows and engineers, were invited to register and follow the lectures in order to acquire new knowledge on EGS. The registration was free.

The Geothermal Winter School was entirely broadcasted virtually in February 2021 with an exciting program of lectures, presentations and a site visit.

The recordings have been released and are accessible here.

Source: MEET