Regional workshop in Costa Rica highlights the important role of geothermal

Regional workshop in Costa Rica highlights the important role of geothermal Workshop Participants (source: Michelle Ramírez Bueno)
Alexander Richter 14 Nov 2019

A regional Workshop on Geothermal Energy co-organized by IEA and Grupo ICE was successfully concluded this week in Costa Rica.

A Regional Workshop on Geothermal Energy of two days of sessions to exchange experiences on the use of this resource in fields such as reservoir management, well drilling, technological updating and socio-environmental work was concluded this week in Costa Rica.

Organized by the International Energy Agency, together with the ICE Group (Costa Rican Institute of Electricity) and the Program for the Promotion of German Cooperation Geothermal, GIZ, specialists from Iceland, Japan, Germany, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Mexico.

During the meeting, exhibitions addressed the use of geothermal energy in different regions of the world, both for energy production and its direct uses: heating, cooling, hot water for sanitary use and air conditioning of spaces.

For the corporate director of Electricity of Grupo ICE, Marco Acuña, ‘geothermal energy is key in the creation of the Costa Rican electricity matrix. Proudly, we add 25 years of using it sustainably, obtaining clean energy and the highest reliability. It is a great contribution to our economy. ‘

He notes that with 262 MW of generation capacity, Costa Rica ranks third in America in installed capacity for this resource and recalls that last July, the country incorporated the Las Pailas II Geothermal Plant, winner of the award for the best project in the region, during the Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean (GEOLAC) 2019.

Source: Prensa Latina