Bids given in recent Chilean geothermal tender

Bids given in recent Chilean geothermal tender Auction overview of companies and concessions areas bid for (source: Chile Ministry of Energy)
Alexander Richter 25 Nov 2010

The geothermal auction in Chile saw 13 companies giving 70 bids for 20 geothermal licenses and an overview was provided in this recent release by the Chilean Ministry of Energy.

The following is the official news release by the Ministry of Energy in Chile with a few more details than provided here earlier.

This week the actual opening of the tenders to the tender 20 areas held by Ministry of Energy. The meeting took place at 10:00 hrs. on the premises of the Ministry and was attended by representatives of the bidding companies, the Geothermal Energy Technical Committee and representatives of the Ministry.

The total number of offers made was 70, unlike the previous tender in which there were 59 by the same amount of areas. The number of companies opponents also increased from 9 to 13.

Importantly, no areas were deserted, unlike the previous tender in which there was an area that attracted the interest of the industry. Companies, meanwhile, praised the speed of the process, which was exempt from criticism, which resulted in the failure to file comments proposing firms.

“We are pleasantly surprised by the great call that this issue has received. This shows that the development of geothermal energy has a very positive future, “said Energy Minister Ricardo Raineri.

The minister also announced that as part of these tenders, the Renewable Energy Center (REC) will organize a working group with all players.

According to the executive director of the CER, Carolina Galleguillos, “the work of this panel will focus on hosting and sharing the experience that these companies get their exploration and subsequent exploitation. The aim is to generate an instance that allows dealers to share progress, successes and barriers with the Ministry of Energy and the CER, moving forward with greater agility in the development of the renewable industry. ”

Companies that submitted bids:

  • Colbun SA
  • Compania Minera Zaldivar
  • ECM Ingeniería SA
  • Enel Latin America Chile
  • Energía Andina SA
  • EDC Energy Development
  • GGE Chile SpA
  • Magma Energy Chile Ltda
  • Minera Escondida Ltda
  • Origin Energy SpA Chile
  • Ormat Energy Ltd. Andina
  • POCH & Associates Engineering Consultants SA
  • Chile Transmark SpA

Source: Ministry of Energy release (in Spanish)