RFP: PLN Invitation for partnership in geothermal development in Indonesia

Darajat Unit I owned by Indonesia Power (a PLN subsidiary) with steam supplied by Chevron (source: wienblog-growingtree/ blogspot)
Alexander Richter 18 Apr 2018

In implementation of a government program, state-owned utility PLN is now seeking partners in the development of geothermal projects in Indonesia.

Indonesian state-owned utility PT PLN (Persero) has issued an invitation for partnership in Geothermal Development in Indonesia.

As implementation of Government of Indonesia (GoI) program in accelerating geothermal development, PT PLN (Persero) has the commitment to develop its Geothermal Working Areas (up to c. 1,000 MW) assigned by the GoI, under Geothermal Law No. 21 / 2014, with partnership scheme. To achieve this objective, PLN hereby invites all Parties who have intention to be Partners.

Partners are for Geothermal Steam Field & Power Plant (more than 5 MW).

PT PLN (Persero) invites Party who have intention to become Partners for:


Type : Geothermal Steam Field & Power Plant

Party shall be a company from Indonesia or foreign country which has diplomatic relation with Indonesia. Where a Party is from foreign country as aforementioned, they shall engage the reputable local company as a member of Consortium.

In order to qualify, the Parties must demonstrate their successful experience in

  • geothermal resource study with a minimum capacity of 10 MW,
  • well drilling & testing on oil/gas/geothermal project,
  • managing geothermal reservoir with a minimum capacity of 10 MW,

and preferably have experience in

  • EPC of geothermal power plant with a minimum capacity of 10 MW,
  • operating & maintaining geothermal power plant with a minimum capacity of 10 MW.

Parties shall have the commitment and ability to manage exploration risk by themselves. Parties will obtain Geothermal Power Production Agreement (GPPA) if the exploration was successful and meets with both project & power-system economics.

Parties shall fulfil financial requirement as set forth in the Pre-qualification Document. Parties shall submit with their application a recent valid document.

Parties may register and collect the Pre-Qualification Document from 23 – 27 April 2018, by showing Surat Keterangan Terdaftar (SKT) / Geothermal Certificate of Registration from The Directorate- General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) at the address below:

PT PLN (Persero) Kantor Pusat
Divisi Energi Baru dan Terbarukan
c/o Senior Manager of Geothermal Energy
Gedung 1, Lantai 7, Jalan Trunojoyo Blok MI/135, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160 Phone +6221- 7251234, 7261122, Fax +6221- 7227063

The Proposal shall be submitted in one (1) original, one (1) copy and one (1) electronic copy by hand not later than 15:00 PM local time on 25 May 2018 to the above address in the sealed envelopes with clearly marked as mentioned as Project of point 2 above.

Jakarta, 18 April, 2018 – Senior Manager of Geothermal Energy

Details via PLN Procurement Website