Saskatchewan geothermal project secures mineral rights for brine from wells

Drilling rig on site of geothermal project, Saskatchewan/ Canada (source: DEEP Corp.)
Carlo Cariaga 3 May 2019

DEEP has successfully bid for the mineral rights of the permit block in the immediate vicinity of their initial well.

A subsurface mineral permit block located along the Saskatchewan-North Dakota border has been awarded to Deep Earth Energy Production (DEEP) after a successful bid. The permit block is in the vicinity of the first DEEP well and is considered prospective for brine minerals such as lithium

After the completion of DEEP’s first well last winter, they are now planning to do a production test. Well fluids will be stored in a tank farm and reinjected. According to DEEP president and CEO Kirsten Marcia, the mineral rights that they have secured are for the minerals in the well fluids.

DEEP’s initial well extends 3530 meters below ground, making it the deepest well in Saskatchewan. The results of production testing will be considered for the final design of the next well that is planned to be drilled about 1.5 kilometers away.

Source: Estevan Mercury