Silenos Energy seeks construction permit for geothermal plant at Garching an der Alz

Drilling rig on site in Bavaria, Germany (source: Silenos Energy)
Alexander Richter 30 Jan 2019

With the success of two wells, developer Silenos Energy GmbH is now seeking for required permits for the construction of a planned 4.5 MW geothermal power plant either water-cooled (prefered by the developer), or air-cooled.

After the drilled wells for the geothermal project in Garching an der Alz in Bavaria/ Germany fully met the expectations, the operating company Silenos Energy GmbH has now applied for the construction of a geothermal power plant. The municipality has already given the go-ahead, now the decision of the district office is waited.

As early as December 2018, Silenos Energy GmbH announced that the production tests in Garching an der Alz had confirmed the forecasts. In part, expectations have even been exceeded. The logical next step is now the application for a building permit for the planned geothermal power plant.

For this purpose, three applications were submitted to the construction committee of the municipality of Garching. Silenos prefers the construction of a water-cooled power plant. Here, however, a water rights permit from the district office is required, which is not yet available. As a second option, the company has applied for the construction of an air-cooled power plant. The building committee approved both proposals unanimously. Now it is up to the decision of the district office, which option will come to fruition.

Furthermore, the Silenos has requested the construction of three combined heat and power plants in order to work energy self-sufficient. This application was also approved by the building committee. In addition, a filter hall, a turbine building with generator and a pump house are planned on site. For the protection of humans and nature a noise and sight protection barrier shall be established.

“We plan to go into operation in 2020, provided that all permits are received in the next six months,” says project manager Florian Resch. “We then will feed 4.5 MW into the grid.

Source: Passauer Neue Presse via