Small geothermal pilot could be start of further development in Queensland, Australia

Winton, Queensland, Australia (source: flickr/ Chris Fithall, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 7 Nov 2017

With an expected start of operation in early 2018, a small geothermal pilot plant in Queensland could be kickstart of further similar projects in this state in Australia.

Having reported about efforts made in Queensland, Australia to develop smaller scale low temperature geothermal power plants, news now provide a further insight.

As ABC News reports from Queensland, the small geothermal power project in Winton could mean the start of further development. According ton the acting mayor of the local council, Shane Mann, the country’s then second geothermal power plant could be up and running in early 2018. The country has one operating geothermal plant, also small scale, in Birdsville.

The site has been prepared and first installation work is expected to be concluded later this month or early in December 2017.

The actual plant components, such as cooling towers and turbines are currently being manufactured in Sydney, Australia with a transport and set up scheduled for December 2017 and January 2018.

Commissioning of the plant could then take place late January or early February 2018.  When this happen this will mark a milestone in geothermal development in Australia and with up to 20 further potential sites, geothermal could get a foothold in the country.

Source: ABC News Australia