Small geothermal plant to play big role for small community in Australia

Birdsville geothermal plant, Queensland, Australia (source:
Alexander Richter 27 Jun 2016

With a planned upgrade, a small geothermal power station in Birdsville, Queensland will play an incredibly important role for a small community saving highly in annual cost for diesel fuel.

As we reported in March this year, the only geothermal power plant in Australia, the small 80 kW station in Birdsville, Queensland is seeing an upgrade.

The plant is now being upgraded and expanded to 200 kW power generation capacity. For this small community of around 115 people.

Ergon Energy will spend up to A$4.5 million expanding the plant, as reported locally. Currently, the city consumes an incredible 500,000 litres of diesel each year to produce electricity.

When upgraded the geothermal power station will be able to supply up to 70 percent of the electricity for the city and save A$340,000 a year on diesel fuel.

Source: Herald Sun