Solicitation for Grant, California – Enabling recovery of MinerAl Lithium from geothermal

John L. Featherstone (Hudson Ranch I) geothermal plant, California, U.S. (source: EnergySource)
Alexander Richter 20 Nov 2019

A grant opportunity has been published by the California Energy Commission on overcoming technology hurdles and enabling recovery of MineAl Lithium from geothermal brine.

The California Energy Commission has published a Request for Proposals – GFO-19-303 – Geothermal Energy Overcoming Technology Hurdles and Enabling Recovery of the MinerAl Lithium (Geothermal).

  • SOLICITATION TYPE: Grant Funding Opportunity
  • DIVISION: Energy Research and Development
  • PROGRAM Electric Program Investment Charge Program – EPIC
  • RELEASE DATE: November 19, 2019
  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 30, 2020, 5:00 pm
  • QUESTIONS DEADLINE: December 06, 2019, 5:00 pm


The purpose of this solicitation is to fund applied research and development, and technology demonstration and deployment projects that meet the following objectives:

  • Develop and demonstrate technologies, tools, and strategies to improve the productivity and flexibility of existing geothermal facilities;
  • Develop and demonstrate technologies to recover lithium from geothermal brine;

Funded projects will help improve production and flexibility of existing geothermal facilities and demonstrate the economic capture of lithium from geothermal brines. The projects will increase the overall economic value of existing or future geothermal projects through integration of emerging technologies and added value from lithium recovery operations from geothermal brine, which in return will ensure higher penetration of non-intermittent renewable energy in California and provide a range of benefits, including grid stability, reliability, and resiliency. Projects must fall within one of the following project groups:

  • Group 1: Improving Productivity and Flexibility of Existing Geothermal Facilities;
  • Group 2: Improving Process and Technology for Lithium Recovery;
  • Group 3: Deployment and Demonstration of Lithium Recovery from Geothermal Brines.

See Part II of this solicitation for project eligibility requirements. Applications will be evaluated as follows: Stage One proposal screening and Stage Two proposal scoring. Applicants may submit multiple applications, though each application must address only one of the project groups identified above. If an applicant submits multiple applications that address the same project group, each application must be for a distinct project (i.e., no overlap with respect to the tasks described in the Scope of Work).

Solicitation Files

Find them in the original posting of the Commission here.

Solicitation Events

December 4, 2019 –  Pre-Application Workshop – GFO-19-303 Geothermal Energy Overcoming Technology Hurdles and Enabling Recovery of the MinerAl Lithium (Geothermal)
December 4, 2019 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM Charles Imbrecht Room

Source: California Energy Commission