Sri Lanka exploring option of geothermal development in the north

Kanniya geothermal hot springs, Sri Lanka (source: flickr/ eminam2, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 22 Dec 2017

With early studies done, Sri Lanka is now expecting results to explore further development of a potential project in the North of the country.

In local news, Prof. Athula Senaratne, Dean of the Faculty for Geology at the Unviersity of Peradeniya, said that work on Sri Lanka’s first geothermal power project continues.

Planning and mapping has been finished, with a final report to be released in April 2018. He expects that development activities could then proceed.

While talking about construction, that seems to be a bit early. The country has been exploring its geothermal potential as early as 1990 and mapping on the project was done in 2008. Following the end of the war in Sri Lanka, geothermal activities have picked up in the North of the country.

Source: Sri Lanka Monitor