Start of drilling imminent at Maasdijk geothermal heating project, Netherlands

Start of drilling imminent at Maasdijk geothermal heating project, Netherlands Construction work at Maasdijk geothermal heating project (source: YouTube screenshot, HVC Groep)
Carlo Cariaga 28 Apr 2022

The delivery of the drilling rig at Maasdijk, Netherlands marks the start of drilling work for the geothermal project for heating of nearby greenhouses and homes.

With the delivery of the drilling rig, drilling of the first well for the geothermal heating project in Maasdijk, Netherlands is expected to start soon. This will take place over the next several weeks.

The Maasdijk geothermal heating project aims mainly to provide sustainable heat to horticulture companies across 430 hectares of greenhouses. It also focuses on residents who no longer want to use natural gas.

Geothermal heat Maasdijk (Aardwarmte Maasdijk) is a collaboration between the Maasdijk heat cooperative and HVC with the aim of stimulating and realizing sustainable heat for and with greenhouse horticulture companies in the Westland. For the past two years, residents living near the geothermal heat location have been involved in the development of a possible geothermal heat project.

Once drilling starts, it will be done around the clock. Aardwarmte Maasdijk seeks to minimize the nuisance that this will cause to the nearby communities through constant noise monitoring. Testing of the well will be done once the target depth has been reached, after which the drilling rig will be moved to the next target location.

Westland business manager Tarek Hopman describes the overall plan and approach in this video (in Dutch) uploaded by the HVC Groep:

Source: Aardwarmte Maasdijk