Successful Geothermal Short Course held at LaGeo in El Salvador

Successful Geothermal Short Course held at LaGeo in El Salvador Opening session of the Short Course, September 18, 2017 (source: LaGeo)
Alexander Richter 29 Sep 2017

A Short Course on the Feasibility of Studies in Geothermal Projects was successfully held with LaGeo in El Salvador last week.

Last week, a short course in geothermal called  Development Objectives, Short Course II on the Feasibility of Studies in Geothermal Projects, was held at on the premises of LaGeo in El Salvador, hosting about 70 participants from different parts of the world.

The inaugural event was attended by Arch. David Antonio López, President of Grupo CEL, Eng. Ingimar G. Haraldsson, of the United Nations University and the Geothermal Training Program (UNU-GTP), and Architect Rosy Escobar, Engineering Manager at LaGeo.

The Short Course 2017, which ended on September 23, aimed to share knowledge and experiences among participants from 14 different countries that develop or are developing geothermal. The activity also included lectures, a field trip to the Geothermal Center Berlin, discussion sessions and practical exercises, all focused on enhancing feasibility studies for geothermal projects.

“Creating these kinds of tools that drives the generation of clean energies, represents for us a challenge that we carry out with satisfaction. In addition, we have overcome the challenge of becoming a geothermal training center for Latin America and that is what has us here today, “said Grupo CEl President Arq. David López during his speech at the opening ceremony. 

The main objective of this course is the development of the capacities of the new generations, under a philosophy in which the optimization of geothermal energy predominates through a multidimensional and integral approach. In this regard, Rosy Escobar, Engineering Manager, added:  “The development of geothermal energy will allow us to become sustainable countries, to pollute less and to give back to Earth part of what it gives us.”

The representative of the UNU Geothermal Training Program, Ingimar G. Haraldsson, introduced his multidisciplinary work team and highlighted the work that the professionals of LaGeo have done for the planning of this event year after year. In addition, he reminded students that participation in this course not only helps them develop their skills and potentiate their strengths, but also, it is an opportunity in itself to be part of Iceland’s intensive geothermal training program.

” Iceland and El Salvador are joined by geothermal energy and the desire to support those countries that, like us, have this renewable energy treasure … Our team is ready for this week to talk and dream about geothermal energy, ” said Rosy Escobar.

As part of the closing ceremony, the president of Grupo CEL mentioned:  “This type of activities dignifies people, makes them much more technically and scientifically competent, but do not forget that this type of activities also dignifies their countries by filling them with people with talent, full of capacities to grow, people that assure the future giving solutions to their problems. Knowledge well capitalized and only a revolutionary and supportive soul can change the world and traditional things as they have done so far, will be in their hands. Welcome!”.

Source: Company note by email