Successful Maori-owned dairy operations utilising geothermal, New Zealand

Cow on farm (source: Miraka)
Alexander Richter 24 Sep 2017

An interesting success story of a Maori-owned dairy processing firm in New Zealand, that uses geothermal steam in the production of milk powder being exported to more than 26 countries.

A recent radio piece by Radio New Zealand, reports on the successful business of Miraka, a Maori-owned dairy-processing company.

The Miraka milk supply comes from 100 local farms within an 85km radius of the factory. This 85km sourcing radius gives Miraka farm-fresh advantage and results in superior quality products. The company’s range of quality products has a global reach to more than 23 countries.

Miraka uses renewable geothermal steam from the Mokai geothermal field to run its processing operations – a world first for the whole milk powder processing industry. A number of monitoring bores around the property ensure there is no impact on the water table.

The company has now been exporting milk powder to more than 26 countries, and more recently has got into added-value UHT milk.

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Source: Radio NZ