Taiwan sets tentative 2018 feed-in-tariff for geothermal and other renewables

Beitou hot spring, Taipei, Taiwan (source: flickr/ Wunkai, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 22 Sep 2017

Taiwan has set its tentative renewable energy feed-in-tariffs lowering it for all technologies apart from geothermal, which was increased by 5% to TWD 5.1956/ kWh, about USD 0.17224/ kWh.

Taiwan sets tentative 2018 feed-in tariffs for renewable energy
As reported locally today, Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy (BOE) has set tentative feed-in tariffs for renewable energy in 2018, lowering the rates by 11.82-13.45% for PV power and 0.73-4.61% for wind power.

While for all other renewables the feed-in-tariffs have been lowered over 2017 tariffs, the tariff for geothermal has been increased by 5% to NT$ 5.1956/ kWh (USD 0.17224/ kWh)

Before finalizing feed-in tariff rates, BOE will hold a public hearing to collect opinions from all parties concerned in early November.

Taiwan tentative 2018 feed-in tariffs for renewable energy (NT$/kWh)


Source: Digitimes