Taiwan’s interest to support geothermal development in Nevis, Caribbean

Alexander Richter 22 Jun 2009

Taiwan supports certain projects in Caribbean Nevis and could be interested supporting the geothermal project in the country, as discussed on a recent visit to the country by Nevis Premier.

While a bit far-fetched, I still found this article on a recent visit of the premier of Nevis in Taiwan quite interesting.

As the article describes, Taiwan supports Nevis on various projects, e.g. in agriculture and some art/ theater projects. But – and this is how it fits into ThinkGeoEnergy – the discussions between the Taiwanese government and Nevis were also about the geothermal project in Nevis.

“Also discussed was the geothermal development on Nevis. As a good gesture, Premier Parry extended an invitation to the Taiwan Bureau of Energy to attend the Conference (The East Caribbean Geothermal Energy Conference previously covered on ThinkGeoEnergy), which will be held at the end of June. The Premier has been subsequently informed that the invitation has been graciously accepted and that representatives from the Bureau will be in attendance.

“The government of Taiwan expressed an extreme interest in Nevis and the Government of Nevis. The President himself also expressed a great interest in the island’s work in geothermal energy,” said Premier Parry.

He also indicated that the Taiwanese government expressed an interest in financing any part of the geothermal development with which the Nevis Reformation Party led Nevis Island Administration would need assistance.”

“The Premier noted that The Mega International Commercial Bank Co Ltd in Taiwan with which he signed the loan agreement for the development of the Fine Arts Theatre on Nevis, also expressed an interest in financing other projects on the island of Nevis.”

Source: Caribbean Net News