Targets to be identified for utilization of geothermal in selected basins in Colombia

Targets to be identified for utilization of geothermal in selected basins in Colombia Evening view over Bogota, Colombia (source: flickr/ Tijs Zwinkels, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 14 Oct 2021

Through the consultancy services of Petrolern LLC, Ecopetrol can accelerate proficiency growth that can help geothermal development in Colombia.

After months of discussion, Petrolern LLC has been identified to provide consultancy services to Ecopetrol for the development of geothermal power in Colombia. Within the scope of these services is provision of training and mentorship to the personnal of Ecopetrol, with the ultimate goal of identifying targets for geothermal utilization within Colombia’s basins.

In a previous report, the Colombian Geological Services (SGC) has estimated that Colombia has a potential geothermal capacity of up to 1,170 MW. Parex Resources was responsible for putting up the country’s first geothermal power unit in the Las Maracas field in Casanara with a capacity of 100 kW.

With 150 years of cumulative geothermal expertise globally, Petrolern hopes to help enhance the geothermal learning curve for Ecopetrol.

“We are tremendously proud that Ecopetrol has selected our company to assist them with their geothermal resource assessment, maturation and power generation.” said Petrolen CEO Hamed Soroush. “Our goal is to enable the oil company to make optimal resource decisions and to ensure that we work together with them as a true team, imparting our knowledge to their staff. At Petrolern, knowledge transfer to clients is an essential part of our technical services.”

Petrolern LLC is a leading-edge technology company working on subsurface solutions for carbon storage, geothermal energy and cleaner oil and gas. Petrolern’s core competencies include advanced geomechanics, fluid mechanics, subsurface engineering, applied artificial intelligence, visualization, edge computing, and software development. The company applies these skills to optimize drilling, completions, stimulation, and production plus providing high-resolution subsurface monitoring.

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