Tauhara geothermal power project now at over 50% completion

Tauhara geothermal power project now at over 50% completion Well testing of TH36, Tauhara geothermal power project (source: YouTube screenshot / Contact Energy)
Carlo Cariaga 6 Sep 2022

The first turbine rotor has arrived for the 168-MW Tauhara geothermal power station by Contact Energy and turbine installation is planned by October 2022.

In a short video presentation shared via the company’s official YouTube Channel, Contact Energy has provided an update on the progress of the Tauhara geothermal power project in New Zealand. The first turbine rotor has been delivered to the project site, as well three transformers, and condenser components. With all six wells for the project already drilled, the project is now at more than 50% completion.

Earlier this year, Contact Energy reported an increase in planned capacity for the Tauhara geothermal power station from the previous 152 MW to 168 MW. This was due to the findings of the reservoir being more productive than initially anticipated. Fortunately, the power station was designed with the flexibility to deliver a higher generation capacity.

The turbine technology for the Tauhara geothermal power station was designed and built by Japan-based Fuji Electric. The first turbine rotor has already been delivered while the second is expected to arrive shortly. When the turbine is installed as planned on October, it will become the largest single-shaft geothermal steam turbine in the world.

Six two-kilometer production wells and four three-kilometer reinjection wells have been drilled for the project. The expected 168 MW of installed power generation will be enough to supply about 195,000 households.

Meanwhile, Contact Energy has also participated the local Arbor Day planting event to support the local communities.

Below is the video update from Contact Energy that includes a glimpse to the well testing procedure done for Well TH36.

Source: Contact Energy via YouTube