Technical University of Panama makes first geothermal scientific expedition

Technical University of Panama makes first geothermal scientific expedition Barú Volcano, Panama (source: flickr/ laughingface2, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 31 Mar 2017

A recent geothermal scientific expedition by the Technical University of Panama explored geothermal opportunities at the Volcanic complex in the Yeguada forest reserve in Calobre, Panama.

The Regional Center of the Technical University of Panama (UTP), in Veraguas, made the First Scientific Expedition to  the Volcanic Complex of the Yeguada Forest Reserve, in Calobre, led Dr. Alexis Tejedor, Principal Investigator Resident.

The objective was to determine the chemical physical properties of the hydrothermal resources of the Volcanic Lake, the Chitra Thermal Wells, La Laguna and the Espino de Calobre, in order to construct three-dimensional digital maps, as well as to determine depth profiles and the bathymetry of the Volcanic Lake, also the characterization of the soil and the geochemistry of heavy elements of the hot springs.

The Yeguada Forest Reserve is a natural water reservoir of a primitive volcano, which has a dating of the last eruption ranging from 20 to 50 million years ago.
The purpose of the project is to know the characteristics and potential of the thermal waters of the District of Calobre and to be able to show the chemical composition of the natural thermal waters and to be able to elaborate models of mathematical correlation between the compositions and electrical conductivities, the PH and the temperatures of the same.

Dr. Alexis Tejedor, of the Regional Center of Veraguas, said “that this is the first scientific expedition to know and georeferentiate the presence of thermal waters in the north of Veraguas, to raise evidence and to be able to present to some international organizations , A proposal of sustainable exploitation “.
There are studies of 1986 by experts of Italian Geothermal and after 20 years has taken the initiative to see what geothermal potential is based on what was known. It is remarkable that this is the first time that a group of Panamanian researchers, from the Technological University of Panama, study these potentialities of the province of Veraguas.

Organizations such as the Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services (INDICASAT), National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC), Mayor of Calobre, National Police, My Environment, and researchers from this House of Higher Education participated in this first expedition.

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Source: PanamaOn