Tender: Consulting on Pre-Feasibility Study for Central America

ThermaSource drilling rig on project site at San Jacinto, Nicaragua (source: Ram Power)
Alexander Richter 18 Dec 2013

In an invitation for Expression of Interest (Pre-Qualification), KfW and The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) are tendering out consulting services for the Pre-Feasibility Study on potential geothermal development in Central American and the establishment of Risk Mitigation and Financing Mechanisms.

As first stage of an international open bidding procedure for the consulting services required for the elaboration of a Pre-Feasibility Study on the Potential of Geothermal Development in Central America and the establishment of risk mitigation and financing mechanisms, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) hereby invites qualified independent consultants to submit a prequalification document (Expression of interest). Funds for the services have been earmarked for this project and will be provided by a special fund held by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through KfW Development Bank.

The expressions of interest have to be submitted and must be received not later than January 14th, 2014, at 16:00 local time CABEI in Tegucigalpa (one original and one copy) and at KfW Development Bank in Frankfurt (two copies). Only the submission of the set with the original at CABEI is relevant for timely delivery. If your submission will be delivered by an international courier service, please take into consideration the complex routing to Tegucigalpa and that your submission documents may need time for clearance at customs in Tegucigalpa.

All cost for obtaining information/data and preparation/submission of the prequalification document, meetings, negotiations, etc. in relation with the prequalification or the subsequent proposal shall be borne by the consultants.

The following document provides the necessary information on the required consulting services and the details on this pre-qualification procedure.

At any time, the CABEI either at its own initiative or in response to clarifications requested by an interested consultant may clarify this invitation.

Such information will be made available to registered consultants by email and be presented on the website for this prequalification.

Source: Central American Bank for Economic Integration