Tender: Int’l Financial Specialist – Indonesia Geothermal Power Gen. Project

Tender: Int’l Financial Specialist – Indonesia Geothermal Power Gen. Project Patuha geothermal plant, Bandung, Indonesia (source: ESMAP)
Alexander Richter 25 Jan 2019

Under funding by the Asian Development Bank, PT Geo Dipa Energi is seeking for an International Financial Specialist for the Dieng and Patuha Geothermal Projects in Indonesia. Deadline is Jan. 29, 2019

The Asian Development Ban has issued a tender for an International Financial Specialist as Executing Agency, with PT Geo Dipa Energi as Implementing Agency. The tender was published January 23, 2019 with a deadline of January 29, 2019. Further details via the link below.

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

ADB’s Country Operations Business Plan (COBP) for 2018-2020 aims to support the Government of Indonesia to achieve higher levels of pro-poor sustainable growth and to enhance social development. With an estimated 29,000 megawatt (MW) of potential in geothermal power generation, Indonesia has about 40% of the world’s geothermal reserves, making it an important resource for the country to achieve its commitments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 29% by 2030.

The proposed Geothermal Power Generation Project aims to support expansion of two geothermal power  plants in Java, which will contribute to Indonesia’s efforts to increase renewable energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The outcome will be increased power generation from geothermal resources and lower carbon emissions. The outputs include the construction and commissioning of additional geothermal generating capacity at two existing geothermal power plants of 55 megawatts (MW) each.

The objective of the assignment is to provide support to the state-owned entity in-charged with geothermal power plant development, Geo Dipa Energi (GDE), and provide key inputs for ADB due diligence for the proposed expansion of existing geothermal power plants Dieng and Patuha.

Scope of Work

The consultant will support ADB’s due diligence efforts in connection with a potential debt financing for expansions of the Dieng and Patuha geothermal projects proposed by GDE.

A comprehensive feasibility study (“FS”) to assess the technical aspects and costings of the field expansions at Dieng and Patuha will be carried out by GDE. It is anticipated that GDE will engage a third-party contractor to undertake the FS (“feasibility study contractor- FSC”). The FS is expected to focus on the conceptual model, reservoir simulation, wellfield development planning, drilling and power plant design. The results of the FS are expected to provide critical input to ADB’s decision making regarding the lending for these projects. ADB intends to engage technical experts to assist GDE implement the FS and follow up activities.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The Financial Specialist will:

  1. Perform in-depth financial analysis and evaluation of the project;
  2. Analyze investment in terms of financial sustainability taking into consideration the ongoing
    tariff reforms by the government;
  3. Undertake/review GDE’s financial management assessment;
  4. Prepare cost estimates and financing plans according to ADB requirements;
  5. Review/update project cost tables in coordination with technical and procurement experts;
  6. Recommend and describe the fund flow and disbursement mechanisms of the investment project;
  7. Conduct financial management training to GDE; and
  8. Undertake other financial-related tasks, as requested by GDE and ADB project team.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The expert should probably have a master’s degree in finance, economics, or business administration. At least 10 years’ experience in conducting financial analysis for multilateral development bank-funded energy/power projects. Familiarity with GDE would be highly desirable.

Source: BidsInfo